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All Buzz ~ No Booze

Sensi provides a safe, fast acting, reliable buzz without the next day hangover. Each seltzer has 2.5mg of Hemp Derived Delta-9 THC, aimed at giving you the perfect social buzz. This drink comes micro-dosed to perfection, so you can BYOB (build your own buzz) for any occasion.

For those seeking a higher vibe, Sensi Lemonade comes packed with 7.5mg per can. Now you can build your buzz faster and further.

Cheers to New Highs & Elevated Vibes!

Delta-9 THC is the naturally occurring THC found in cannabis.

Both Marijuana and Hemp contain Delta-9 THC (obviously marijuana has much higher concentrations of THC than hemp does). However, if you break down enough hemp, you're eventually left with enough Delta-9 THC that you can make some awesome drinks and edibles.

Sensi High Seltzers are fast-acting and micro-dosed to perfection with 2.5mg each, so you can BYOB (Build your own buzz).

  • 1 Seltzer: 2.5mg - Warm & Fuzzy
  • 2 Seltzers: 5mg - Getting Tipsy
  • 3 Seltzers: 7.5mg - Lit

Sensi Lemonade is stronger than our seltzers so you can elevate further. BYOB with this guide:

  • 1/2 Lemonade: 3.75mg - Warm & Fuzzy
  • 1 Lemonade: 7.5mg - High
  • 2 Lemonades: 15mg - Lit AF

Start Low & Go Slow. You can always drink more, you can never drink less.

The 2018 Farm Bill defines hemp and hemp products as anything with .3% THC by dry weight or volume. This means that for every 1g (1000mg) of weight, we are allowed 3mg of THC. Each Sensi beverage weighs at least 350g, making our 2.5mg can far below the legal limit of THC. This means they are a fully compliant and legal hemp product in the US.

Yes! Since Sensi High Seltzers contain less THC than the federal limit set by the 2018 Farm Bill (<0.03%), Sensi can be shipped right to your front door in most US states.